The Hour You Wake Up Doesn’t Matter

There is too much hype these days to become a ‘Morning Person’. Every now and then you will stumble upon some article showing how magical the morning hours are, the benefits of waking up early, how it changes the life, and all this load of bullshit about why you are so dumb and lost if you don’t do it.

But I hate to admit it that my thoughts contradict with this. Yes, I agree probably waking up is good for your health but even if you are a night owl, you can be healthy and successful too!

So few months ago even I was struck with this trending idea of becoming a morning person and “doing something important with my life”. I made a plan to stick to a morning routine for 7 days and see how it goes.

The routine consisted of these tasks:
– Waking up at 6am
– Do exercise
– Work on a side project everyday before going to sleep

So I curious to explore the benefits of waking up early and experience the magical morning hours.

My Findings:

1. It’s not about when you wake up.

It’s about what you do before going to bed!

On first 3 days, I succeeded in doing exercise every single morning and working on my project before going to sleep. I thought I was nailing this!

BUT, on the fourth day, I — totally — failed to wake up at 6. I was too tired from the past days (hard to go to bed early when you are used to go to bed at 3am). I woke up at 9 am.

And guess what the best part is? I still did my exercise (though shifted it into the evening slot) and worked on my side project before going to sleep!

We generally sleep and stay awake for the same amount of time each day, so who cares about when you wake up, as long as you do what you decided to do before the end of your day. You are going to stay healthy as long as you have a proper good amount pf sleep. For me a straight 6 hours of sleep is enough for me to be functional throughout the day.

2. The Finisher is the king.

This is the main thing I learnt during this week.

Anyone can start another new project at any time. You could have 100s of amazing ideas to change the world or to change your life but unless you finish executing the idea, it is nothing more than just a useless, vague thought.

Closing is king. You will learn a lot by closing something with a good or average quality than never closing it because you want it to be perfect.

        Done is better than perfect.

When you actually put yourself out and start working on a project or start doing exercise or whatever you want, no one cares if it’s 6am or 9am. As long as you are doing that thing, and close it.

3. Make your days count

I realized quite recently how important it is to remember important moments in my life. Shared experiences, beautiful places or outstanding travels. You remember this kind of things during your whole life.

More than waking up, doing a project or writing, I tried to make small things each day, in a way that I’ll remember these days for a long time.

And in the end, if you make things that count. It makes your days count.

Basically, we’re not going to make everyday life-changing moves. Making things that count also means realizing how simple things you do in your day count more than what you think.

Preparing a healthy meal, going for a workout, solving stressful situation, helping someone, sharing a moment with someone your friends and family, etc.

So do I wake up at 6am anymore?

This challenge was a great experience to push myself and to improve my skills quite fast on a daily basis. But I realized that it had absolutely nothing to do with waking up at 6am.

It’s cool to wake up early because you really enjoy some day light. You also feel super active on some days. But on most days my creative energy is on peak during the quite night hours.

In the end, what counts the most is what you decide to achieve during the day, not when you wake up to do it.

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